Character Community

Dance In The Rain Publishing is a proud member of the Character Community York Region Foundation.  Each month the members of the group promote a character trait.

We support our community organizations:

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted ”  Aesop

“The Character Community Foundation of York Region represents a group of committed volunteers and leaders from the community, government, education and business sectors who support our ongoing Mission to engage organizations in positive character development and to work toward our Vision of having York Region lead in community character development.

Core Values

As part of our new Strategic Plan we have established our Core Values as Collaboration, Inclusiveness, Integrity and Responsibility.

The Core Values defines the moral benchmarks by which everyone in the organization will judge their behaviour

By nurturing positive character attributes and enhancing York Region as a desirable place to live, learn, work, and play the Character Community Foundation of York Region and it’s supporters are committed to making York Region a Character Community.

The character message speaks to everyone of all backgrounds, faiths, and cultures.

A Character Community is one in which members of the community work together to nurture positive character attributes. It requires a shift in thinking to a focus on ethical attitudes and behaviours that lead to achievement and success.


The Character Community Foundation of York Region is based on the 11 Character Attributes chosen by its residents and citizens:

Compassion | Courage | Fairness | Honesty | Inclusiveness | Initiative | Integrity | Optimism | Perseverance | Respect | Responsibility

Good character makes a difference in our families, schools, businesses, and neighbourhoods by strengthening our relationships, building stronger communities, and engaging all of us in positive change and citizen engagement.

A Character Community attracts people and businesses of character, and acts as a driver for economic growth and prosperity.”

Details above from the organization’s website.  To learn more about the group please visit:  To learn more about the organization please visit