Feedback on Author Visits

“My son absolutely loved the owl puppet. He loves your book!”
Rita Sperini, Teacher/Librarian St. Rene Goupil CES/St. Luke CES & St. David CES–YCDSB
Kindergarten Child_St. Brendan 2
After attending a workshop a Kindergarten student from St. Brendan CES (YCDSB) went home and re-created all the pages of We Are Colourful Friends for his younger brother.  To thank him we sent him a hand-held puppet of a rhinoceros.
“I am a red flamingo. I like to dress up.”  And with this bit of whimsy, animals come to life in a charming early reader by Josephine Vaccaro-Chang. The illustrated text, aimed at the pre-school and kindergarten crowd, is a virtual trampoline for literacy and artistic applications.  
I was fortunate to take part in Josephine’s classroom workshop with 23 enthralled 6-year olds. She made her animal characters jump off the page and into colourful collage artwork and clever puppets, helping the students easily pick up the repeating pattern of the story.”
Pauline Tetley, Principal (Retired), Toronto District School Board, 2015.

“It was very developmentally appropriate and engaging for the students.  Every student got a turn to participate.  You are FANTASTIC with this age group!  Thanks for such a fun workshop.  It made learning fun and engaging.” 

Heather, JK/SK Teacher at Brownridge Public Elementary School, York Region District School Board.  2014.


“Good variety of activities that all ages were able to participate in workshop.  I liked how the process of creating a book was explained to the students.  It was a good way to expose children to book writing.” 

Susan Lin, Kindergarten Teacher at Markville Montessori.  2014.


“Really interactive and engaging.  Great flow and get the children excited about reading & writing.  “

Erin O’Leary, Kindergarten Teacher at Markville Montessori.  2014.