Literacy Partners

Dance In The Rain Publishing is proud of our partnerships with individuals, companies and community groups who are just as passionate as we are about children’s literacy.  We gratefully acknowledge and thank our Literacy Partners for their generosity & commitment to children’s literacy.  Through the generosity of Dance In The Rain’s Literacy Partners over 500 complimentary books have been distributed since Aug. 25th, 2015.  THANK YOU!!!

  • President Hugh Adams & members of The Richvale Lions Club
  • Members of The Thornhill Lions Club
  • Juliet Ume of Whole WoMan Network
  • Richmond Hill Councillor David West of West Photo
  • Russell J. Chang
  • Jennifer Pyke

If you are interested in becoming a Dance In The Rain Literacy Partner kindly contact us via our on-line form or call 905-787-96-five-six.

* Limited number of free books dependent upon current financial support.  Call 905-787-96 [five, six] and ask how many complimentary books are currently available.